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Electroneum Online Site is Impressive: When the ETN Blockchain works efficiently, I am looking forward to using it.

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I have been a supporter of Electroneum almost since the beginning. I have been building a bag of ETN for several months on Cryptopia. I do not like keeping my crypto on exchanges, however, I have felt that with ETN I really do not have a choice. I have read so many stories of difficulties using the ETN paperwallet that I was scared to use it.

Today I created an account with Electroneum on their website. I am very impressed with the site design and security measures – very impressed! However, I just read a post stating there is still a problem updating balances and the correction will come in 24 hours. Really?

Electroneum, your blockchain is without a doubt the most important and valuable asset of your business. You are expecting millions of people to make transactions daily using ETN in the near future. I cannot even send a few ETN from cryptopia to my on-line account without a significant delay. Why the long delays?

I am really fearful that there is a problem. Is this the reason for the huge delay to be listed on any other exchange?

Again, the on-line site is great. I signed up using my Brooklyn, NYC phone number and I received a SMS almost instantly. I setup a pin with ease and security. The dual email protection for your pin is also a great and unique feature – I like it! Very impressed. However, as soon as I logged on the system printed balance is updating… and it just spun… I did some research, and again, Electroneum is asking for another 24 hours to fix the ETN blockchain.

I am looking forward to using ETN and the on-line system when the ETN blockchain is working efficiently. I guess the question is, when will the ETN blockchain work as promised? These transactions should be instant – they need to be in order to fulfill the Electroneum vision. There cannot be much traffic on the ETN blockchain as compared to what should be expected when thousands of people begin mobile mining – what will happen then?

What is wrong Electroneum? And if there is something wrong, fixing the ETN blockchain should be your number one priority right now.

I want my ETN off of Cryptopia, and I feel as though I have no safe place to store it.

On a side note, I like to speculate and I have been investing in Bitcoin for over 6 years. I have a significant stake in Tron. I have been able to transfer my TRX to the website within moments. Point is, it works, and it works well. What’s up Electroneum?

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