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The Message: Get In or Be Left Behind. The CFTC Testimony in Front of the Senate Today is a Game Changer.

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Not only did we find out the US government is friendly to crypto, we found out that the US government is not going to ban cryptocurrency. This fear, this elephant in the room is now gone – forever.

The largest economy in the world said today that Bitcoin and crypto are here to stay. They recognized the value and potential of the distributed ledger. Crypto has been waiting for this moment since its conception.

This will undoubtedly send signals to leaders around the world. Those that already support crypto will likely further their support. Those that are against crypto now have to ask themselves if they really want to be on the side that is against the United States.

I would not want to be the leader who says to their people that they cannot participate in crypto after the US put their stamp of approval on it. Undoubtedly any country that was thinking of banning crypto has to reconsider because they know they cannot be left behind.

Today the United States, like it has countless times in the past two centuries, took the lead on crypto. This will force everyone in the world to reconsider their position.

We are in a whole new world.

Damn happy I HODLed and BTFD.

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