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This is THE only question you should be asking yourself right now if you’re HODLing.

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Over the past 24 hours I have built what I would have considered impossible not two weeks ago. I have built my dream portfolio.

And now for my own peace of mind I am hiding my portfolio tracking app. I simply cannot keep looking at it every 5 minutes and waking up throughout the night. The excitement and the pain of the minute-to-minute ups and downs is becoming too emotionally draining. I am going to step away for a little while.

I’ve written a couple of articles in the past month concerning crypto. I have been involved with Bitcoin for seven years. I believe in the technology. I believe in a future where it is adopted widely.

Nothing fundamentally has changed. Every project I am invested is moving forward. I now refuse to get caught up in the emotional moment to moment drama – the FUD.

I am not a day trader. I am an investor. As Warren Buffet would agree, investors need patience. Now I need to have patience.

The reality for me is Bitcoin is up over 600% year on year. I’ve been holding most of my favorite coins since they were fractions of a penny. And yesterday I re-stocked my diminishing supply of blue-chip crypto that I invested in alt coins these past months.

If you’re a HODLer like me, the only question we need to ask ourselves is:

Do you believe the market cap for crypto will reach $1 trillion in a reasonable time frame?

If so, HODL blue chip crypto. HODL excellent projects. Be patient.

If you just started and you’re down hard… we have been here before. I watched the price evaporate in 2014 when I had just setup my own mining farm. I was devastated. I am sure you’re devastated as well. You not only need to be patient, you need to find faith in the technology and the projects, Once you believe in what you’re HODLing these price drops become much easier to handle.

Everything on this planet is selling off right now. The money needs to go someplace. It will come to crypto.

I am going to be patient. I am going to stop looking at my portfolio app. I am going to go live and enjoy my life and family. I am already rich in so many ways, Lambo crypto rich can wait till next month and I don’t need to emotionally torture myself until then.

One last thing before I go…. I will be watching the CFTC senate hearings today. I am expecting some very good news. Other than that I am going to have a great lunch in Hell’s Kitchen today. Maybe a massage too.

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