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Why Tron (TRX)? Why All The Hate Without Reason? Is this a Case of Tron Leprosy? An Attempt At Civil Discord.

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Why are people so quick to dismiss Tron without giving a reason? I have been a holder of TRX since the very beginning and sold 40% at an average of .25. I did very well and still hold a sizable bag. Since the beginning I have been impressed with the background and leadership of Justin Sun, the team members he is assembling, the weekly progress, and the overall utility of TRX. I even like the puppy game because it is a proof of concept. I have personally transferred TRX from MyEtherWallet to I purchased a Tron puppy from another TRX holder on the TRX blockchain using the TRX coin – it worked very well. Can you say that about all the coins you hold? Have you seen their list of partnerships with channels that provide ten-of-millions of users?

I am all for an open discussion as to why a token may or may not be worthy to hold. I am a long time Ripple holder and appreciate both the positive and negative arguments when thinking about my position. When people say they do not like Ripple, it normally comes with a list of reasons I have come to understand. For example, those who do not like Ripple argue XRP is not necessarily de-centralized, and I agree with this argument.

However, with TRX there does not seem to be a civil discourse. People have stopped reading my articles simply at the mention of Tron – with no reason. They just dismiss my entire article because Tron was mentioned in it, and do not even give a reason. It is as if those who support Tron are just shunned out of shear stupidity for owning TRX by the greater crypto community. Is this a case of Tron leprosy?

In an attempt to have civil conversation, if you support TRX, like I do, what is your strongest argument for Tron? If you hate TRX, please state your reason(s) why with some reason and facts to back them up that a crypto investor would find meaningful. Just telling me you stopped reading my article and think I am a fool for the mere mention of Tron does not help me.

Give me a reason(s) why Tron, currently, the 16th largest coin, is not worth holding and why you do not think it will be a higher price 3, 6, or 12 months from now. Please be specific.

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