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Get “On-Board” with Intermodal Coin ($IMC) Before it Departs for the Moon

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The intermodal freight transportation market will be worth $26.19 billion by 2019, according to Markets and Markets, a leading U.S. based B2B market research and analysis firm with over 850 analysts. Intermodal Coin (IMC) has set its focus on this industry, promising to provide a comprehensive blockchain-based intermodal shipping portal for shippers and receivers. While the project is relatively new, IMC seems poised for exponential growth within this exploding industry.

Intermodal freight transportation is an umbrella term that relates to all of the mechanisms necessary for the shipping of goods, both internationally and domestically, in a safe, reliable, and cost effective manner using multiple shipping methods. As the IMC website explains, “intermodal freight transport involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.” Containerization, the shipping of goods in large steel containers, continues to transform the industry by allowing goods to be easily moved from one form of transport to another. For example, moving a container from a ship to a truck does not require repackaging, a crane simply moves the container off the ship on to a truck and/or train.

While intermodal shipments are rapidly growing, the industry is seeking more reliable and efficient mechanisms and tools to manage shipments. Additionally, Markets and Markets identified the lack of transportation knowledge and training as a major restraint on the industries growth. IMC directly addresses these issues by applying blockchain technology through a web portal that provides experienced and new users efficient and reliable access to worldwide intermodal shipping.

The IMC whitepaper gives three examples of problems they aim to solve. First, IMC wishes to increases the speed of payments between shippers and receivers greatly increasing the speed at which goods can be shipped. Secondly, communication and paperwork can be exchanged through the IMC portal to increase efficiency. Lastly, damaged shipments and goods can be more effectively and quickly resolved. All of this can be done through the IMC blockchain-based web portal. A semi-functioning demonstration site is due to be released soon. Screenshots of the developing systems can be found on their Discord channel. Even more exciting, the dev team has eluded that the demo site will be used to facilitate the first few real transactions in order to prove the use case.

The project dates its origin to Q4 of 2016, while the ICO began in March and ended in April of 2018. The initial ICO price was $1, and the coin is currently trading at $0.02 – $0.03. A masternode can currently be acquired for about $150.

The team is made up of devs that claim to have decades of experience directly in the intermodal transport industry. The team is very active on Discord working with existing and new users to understand the purpose and potential of the project. Over the past several weeks, I have witnessed the devs interact professionally with the community addressing all types of concerns. I also witnessed one of the devs texting with a potential customer. It was obvious that the dev had experience in the industry as he was able to ask and answer pertinent questions of the prospective client. estimates that there are over 23 million shipping containers in use today, other estimates place this number as high as 30 million. The industry needs more effective methods to manage shipping to improve opperatability, efficiency, and profitability. As IMC offers its portal for intermodal shipping based on the promise of blockchain technology to the industry, I believe this coin has incredible upside potential to disrupt this multi-billion market. As with many projects, the coin is down considerably from ICO pricing as the dev team develops the application and portal, this may be an opportunity to get “on-board” this transportation blockchain solution that promises to transform an industry where blockchain-technology makes perfect sense.

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NOTE: The author (OP) owns 3 Intermodal masternodes.

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