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The Portfolio

This is the FleekICO model portfolio. This is not intended for investment advice. It is intended for illustrative and discussion purposes only. Invest at your own risk. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Make your own decisions. We are not financial advisers.
The following portfolio is a model portfolio for illustrative purposes only. The percentage held represents the amount of that particular crypto held in the model portfolio. Please give us suggestions as to what you would add or subtract.


Currency Symbol Percentage Held
Bitcoin BTC 25%
Litecoin LTC 15%
Ripple XRP 10%
Cardano ADA 8%
Stellar XLM 5%
Ethereum ETH 5%
OmiseGO OMG 4%
Verge XVG 4%
Kin KIN 3%
HelloGold HGT 2%


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